Visitor screening now required at county’s branch office center in Riverton

Fremont County Sheriff's Deputy Randy Teherne greets a woman preparing to be screened.
Screening now in place when court is in session
Remodelling at the Fremont County Branch Office Center in Riverton at 818 South Federal Boulevard has created a new, and more secure, entrance to the building.
Housing the Ninth Circuit Court of Judge Wesley Roberts and the Riverton branches of the Fremont County Attorney and Sheriff’s offices, visitors must now enter through a new main entrance on the south side of the building and go through a metal detector.
Additionally, when court is in session, all bags must be left at the security station, including women’s purses. Visitors to the building undergo a similar screening to that of airline passengers.
A remodeling project at the building to enhance security of the offices there was recently completed. During the construction, Circuit Court proceedings were conducted at the Riverton Municipal Courtroom.


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