Wyoming needs more Pita Pits; Who wants to open one?

The Pita Pit franchise is on the search for franchisees in Wyoming. With one restaurant open in Laramie, they’d like to expand to towns across the state. When looking at the state of Wyoming for the development of the franchise brand, Vice President of Franchise Development, Bill Wilfong sees, “incredible potential for an untapped market.” With over 240 restaurants nationally and a corporate team headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Pita Pit’s growth has flourished throughout the Northwest and Midwest regions.

According to Pita Pit President, Corey Bowman, “Many smaller markets haven’t yet been tapped by new concepts like Pita Pit, even though the trend toward more health-conscious behavior is prevailing in those communities.”  People are changing the way they eat. They want it fresh, healthy and they want it now! Pita Pit is the future of this quick and casual foodservice.

Why not become part of a concept that people of all ages enjoy?

“We have a screening process in place to help ensure only the right franchisees are accepted into our system. Especially in smaller markets, a franchisee’s success relies, in part, on having an individual owner that wants to work in their restaurant, get involved in the community, and has a love for the product,” Wilfong said. All franchisees are trained to efficiently own and operate a Pita Pit. The training program is a six to seven-day course presented by a qualified, trained instructor who covers the essential topics for operating and maintaining a Pita Pit restaurant to corporate standards.

For more information on the Pita Pit and franchising opportunities in Wyoming, click here. Provide your contact information, and you will be contacted by the Development Team to discuss the possibility of opening your own Pita Pit restaurant.

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Jump on the Pita bandwagon!

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