There’s a New #1 Source for Local News

Finally, Riverton, Lander and the surrounding communities have a free real-time source for news as-it-happens.  From LIVE video coverage to exclusive breaking stories, County 10 is keeping Fremont County informed via our multimedia news site and your mobile phone or tablet device.

County 10 launched in December, 2011 and has already amassed THE LARGEST readership in Fremont County with more than 45,000 readers per month.  Our award-winning staff combine for decades of experience both locally and across the country.

What’s this mean for you?
For the first time, we’re providing you with actual Return On Investment (ROI).  We’ll show you statistics around your advertising and send traffic to your website or announcement which means more customers through your doors!

To learn how your organization can reach County 10’s readers contact Fabian for more information at 855-4016 or by email at

CALL TODAY: 855-4016

The Facts
  • County 10 has more than 60,000 readers throughout Fremont County and across the country. More than any other news outlet in Fremont County combined. -source: Google Analytics
  • Over 60,000 Daily Digest emails are delivered monthly to County 10 readers.
  • Coutny 10 also reaches a more affluent local demographic than traditional outlets.
  • More than 40% of readers access County 10 news on a mobile device. Increasing the likelihood they’ll view and act on advertising messages and daily deals. -Source: Google Analytics
  • County 10 is locally owned and features a team of award-winning journalists and reporters with decades of experience.
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